In voxcraft everything starts with a voxel: a hollow silicone block that can expand and contract in volume. When multiple voxels are attached together they become a robot: a voxelbot.

image The behavior of a voxelbot depends on the arrangement of its voxels (its body shape) and how they expand/contract, which is controlled by a hand pump or a motor.

image There are endless designs waiting to be discovered!

Ready to start?

All the materials you need to build your own voxelbots are linked in our kit.

Not sure what to build?

You can try out some designs in simulation before deciding which one you want to make. We provide a gui, a gpu-accelerated simulator, and a machine learning package for auto design.

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Have the kit and a design in mind?

It’s time to build it!

Did you make something cool?

Send us pictures/videos of your voxelcraft creatures and we’ll add them to our zoo.

Are you stuck?

Check out our FAQ. If you can’t find the answer to your question there, please email us.

Did you discover something new?

The AI and robotics communities are hungry for better/faster/cheaper ways to design and manufacture soft robots. Publish a research paper detailing your innovation! Great venues include conferences such as RoboSoft and ALife, and journals such as Soft Robotics and Science Robotics.

Want to contribute to voxcraft?

We’d love to hear from you about how to improve voxcraft: send someone on our team a message!