Below are step-by-step instructions / videos. If you prefer to watch the entire build process all at once, you may do so here.

Step 1: Measure the ingredients.

Combine equal parts A and B by weight or volume.

Step 2: Mix the silicone by hand or using a mixer.

Step 3: Pour the silicone into the ice cube tray.

Step 4: Hang the tray upside down and rotate every 45 sec for 25 mins.

Instead of a rotational molding machine, two stacks of books can be used to tip the voxels.

Step 5: Place in 60C (140F) oven for 20 mins.

Step 6: Add another layer of silicone.

Step 7: Hang upside down and rotate (same as step 5).

Step 8: Place in 60C (140F) oven for 20 mins (same as step 6).

Step 9: Cut the voxels out from the tray.

Step 10: Form a slice of your design by securing them to a shared bottom layer.

Holes are punched between adjacent voxels that you want to be actuated together as a unit via a shared air inlet.

Step 11: Finalize the slice by trimming away excess silicone and insert tubing.

At this stage you should check for any leaks by filling a beaker with water, submerging the voxels, and inflating them. Bubbles will emanate from leaks, which can then be repaired with Sil-Poxy.

Step 12: Stack the slices to form a voxelbot.

Step 13: Connect air lines between each slice to a hand pump or motor.